4 More Tips to Make Life Easier

1. Ziplock your icecream

Ziplocking your icecream may look weird, but what it does is trap a tiny bit of heat in the bag so that the freezer doesn’t over-freeze it and cause hard icecream or, worse yet, freezer burn. Of course, if you want to save your icecream for a long time, you should simply store it in the back of the freezer without a bag.

2. Make a hole in the middle of your food when reheating

Microwaves are a great tool for reheating and even cooking food from scratch. But the worst thing is when you pull your leftovers out of the nuker and they are half-cold! Making a hole in the middle of the plate ensures that the heat gets distributed more evenly and that there are no pockets of chill being overlooked. It’s much better than reheating your plate four times only to have a half-warm, half-burnt meal!

3. Use AAA in the place of AA when you run out

This is by far the cleverest simple household remedy we’ve seen in a while. When we were kids, we would use tinfoil to fit a AA battery in an old flashlight due to a worn-out spring to make sure it fit. But did you know that a AAA battery can work the same way? It’s less power, but will still make your electronic device work if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go buy some AA’s. Try it!

4. Light A candle with a stick of spaghetti

Hard to reach that wick, huh? And it’s not like you have wooden sticks lying around the house either. When all else fails, simply use a piece of spaghetti!

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