7 Smoothie Recipes That Melt Fat


Have you ever heard that drinking smoothie helps you lose weight? Adding smoothies to your diet can help to break this cycle by providing the necessary nourishment in a concentrated form, without increasing calorie consumption. This helps to reduce the feeling of deprivation, as well as eliminating cravings caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies; and makes it easier to stick to the diet.

Most of the ingredients in smoothies are permitted in the majority of diets, since the main ingredients include yogurt and fresh fruits (and vegetables.) In addition, their nutritional value can easily be boosted by adding fiber-rich ground flaxseeds and tree nuts, protein powder, crushed chewable vitamin tablets, wheatgrass or algae powder, or the contents of vitamin E or evening primrose oil capsules; without adding large numbers of calories. A nutrient-rich, high-fiber smoothie can be substituted for a meal or snack, or used as a dessert to prevent the feelings of deprivation that can lead to bingeing.

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