Cancelled Wedding Helps Serve the Homeless in Atlanta

Instead of being angry about the sudden change of plans, thwarted bride Tamara Fowler and her family turned her cancelled wedding into a chance to help others.

The union was supposed to be held at the Villa Christina catering hall in Atlanta, Georgia, but was called off a month and a half beforehand. Since the bride’s parents had already paid for the event, the reception still went on in the best way possible. They invited 200 homeless people to come and enjoy the four course feast.

The Fowlers contacted Elisabeth Omilami, the president and CEO of Hosea Feed the Hungry, an organization that not only feeds the hungry but also raises awareness about poverty, to put their plan into action. The organization is associated with Porsha Williams-Stewart from Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

The Hosea Feed the Hungry mission statement is as follows:

To examine and then raise public awareness about the many problems facing families and individuals that are living in poverty or are at-risk of slipping into poverty, and then to mobilize products, volunteers and financial resources to solve those problems, or to ease the burden that those problems cause.

The Fowler family attended the dinner themselves and were so inspired by it that they decided to hold another charity event next year. They titled the dinner “The First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love”.

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