Creative Non-Alcoholic Drinks Sweeping the Restaurant Industry

While water, tea and soda have long been ordered by non-drinkers dining out, a new wave of fun and creative non-alcoholic drinks are being offered across the country at both chain and upscale restaurants.

Award winning-mixologist Tony Conigilaro has set out to dispel the myth that no good non-alcoholic drink goes with food. “There’s this implicit idea when you go for a meal that there’s nothing good that goes with food.” Conigilaro continues, “Soft drinks and fruit juices are full of sugar, but you can have savoury flavours that actually complement what’s going on in the food.”

For instance, his unique hay and grass water was created to compliment a dish flavored with smoky hay. Explains Conigilaro, “It’s had a great reception, and people have opted out of drinking alcohol because they’ve got these options.”

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