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DIY Ring Holders

Before I found those amazing jewelry displays, the only way that I can think of putting my rings is throwing them into a little box. And of course, every time that I try to wear a ring for the night, I end up spending more than 15 minutes to get it. You may have the question why I spent so much time on it. Yes, because I have to find out where my little ring box is first.

Those DIY ring holders can save the time for you to decide which one you’d like to wear but not finding them. Very easy!


▼ DIY Ring Holder by Peach Fizz



Her blog is amazing. And it has the tutorial for this specific ring holder.

▼ DIY Ring Holder by The Toasted Coconut



This is super cute! Her blog has the tutorial of making this ring holder too!

▼ DIY Ring Holder by Kristen Nunez

She got full tutorial of making this specific ring holder on Her Blog as well!

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