Indiana Family Capitalizes on Food Craze

Among the wave of food fads to recently hit the country, few have garnered as much attention as gluten-free foods. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to walk down a supermarket isle without spotting an array of gluten-free alternatives.

While many people are satisfied with the taste of gluten-free food, Noblesville, Indiana resident, Jennifer Wiese is not one of them. Displeased with the taste of gluten-free alternatives found in her local grocery store, Jennifer decided to begin preparing her own gluten-free fare. Soon, word of her tasty gluten-free baked goods spread, leading to the creation of her gluten-free baked goods business, Bee Free. WishTV reports:

Word spread around Noblesville that her gluten-free creations were more than tolerable, they were downright delicious. But before Wiese took the plunge to create a legitimate business, she spent two winters traveling to downtown Indianapolis every Saturday morning for the Winter Market, letting people test her cookies and cakes. It was affirmation that her gluten-free baked goods were worth starting her own business.

In January 2010, Bee Free was born. Their first account was with Green Bean Delivery. At that time, Wiese was baking everything in a rented kitchen in downtown Noblesville. Bee Free has since grown to four commercial kitchens in Indianapolis, Chicago and Nashville. The products can be found in Nature’s Farm stores in Castleton and Greenwood, Earth Fare grocery stores in Noblesville and Carmel and in the company’s online store.

Explains Wiese, “”I did not get into this originally to start a business, I got into this to feed my family. I’m a mom who just wants to do good; I want to feed my family good food and I want to make other people’s lives a little easier who are trying to go down that gluten-free journey.”

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