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Panera Bread CEO To Live on $5 a Day in ‘SNAP Challenge’

In an effort to see how people survive on food stamps alone, Panera Bread Chief Executive Ron Shaich has committed to spending no more than $4.50 per day on food. So why would a wealthy executive choose to exist on such a meager food budget?

Shaich has signed up for the SNAP challenge, an experiment designed to provide insight on how families depend and exist solely on food stamps for food.

The Panera Bread executive’s decision to partake in experiment coincided with the House of Representatives evaluation of a proposal that could potentially reduce SNAP funding by $40 over the next ten years.

Shaich quipped, “I can’t stop thinking about food. You probably think I’m joking (or think that must be normal for me since I work for a food company after all), but I promise you it’s not.”

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