Pork Taco

source: www.mis-recetas.org


200 grams of pork pressed
Pepper to taste
4 chili guajillo
2 chile dry tree
2 tomatoes
2/3 of onion
2 clove of garlic
40 Tortillas


1. Put roasted peppers, tomato, garlic and onion whole and curse some peppers.

2. Peel the garlic, once it is roasted and using the blender Blend on everything with very little water, until a smooth sauce. Reserve some sauce for salsear tacos and the rest put it in a pan with the pork pressed chopped into small pieces, season to taste.

3. Let it cook until it begins to loose fat, but being careful enough to move and prevent sticking.

4. Fry tortillas in hot oil, take them out, drain well and fill with the mixture.

5. Prepare the basket making it a cloth napkin covering the entire interior, then a piece of plastic that will be insulated for temperature, another cloth napkin and end the brown paper, put the plugs into the basket and lid to be sweating.

6. Add some cilantro to the sauce we had booked , mix well, correct the salt and reserve .

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