Teenage Dairy Queen Manager Stands Up for Blind Man

Hopkin’s Minnesota Dairy Queen manager Joey Prusak is in the center of a good deeds news story that is sweeping the nation.

Earlier this month Prusak, 19, witnessed a blind man drop a $20 bill on the floor. A woman picked it up and put it in her purse. When Prusak confronted her and wouldn’t serve her until she returned the money, she refused to give it back claiming that the money was hers. As a result, Prusak gave the man $20 from his own pocket and told the woman to leave.

Prusak’s statement from the Huffington Post:

“I was just doing what I thought was right,” Prusak said Thursday as he recalled the incident from earlier this month. “I did it without even really thinking about it. … Ninety-nine out of 100 people would’ve done the same thing as me.”

Word had gone around because of impressed customers, proud of his outstanding customer service. Since then Prusak has been receiving much praise and even job offers. Consumerism to the Hopkins Dairy Queen has doubled and Prusak will donate the now larger tips to charity.

Even a billionaire acknowledged his good deed:

Prusak said he even got a call Thursday from billionaire Warren Buffett, whose company owns Dairy Queen. “He called and thanked me for being a role model for all the other employees and people in general,” Prusak said.

Joey Prusak is saving up money to go to school for business management, and it seems that he is already off to a good start with his business management skills.

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