The Anti-Diet: 7 Recipes For Life

Sherry Strong is an internationally recognized whole food nutritionist and chef who has developed an extremely simple weight loss system based on cooking with that can be used at any age and at any stage of your life. What’s more is that you can use these 7 SIMPLE ways to permanently destroy the ‘One Killer Recipe’ and end overeating for good, stopping weight gain in its tracks. The way she does it is she identifies five ingredients in the One Killer Recipe which are used is every restaurant in such as way as to make all five of these foods work together and make a very, very powerful drug-like effect on the body. It’s actually pretty scary!
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So what are these five ingredients? It’s rather simple, and you may be shocked to discover that there is a vast difference between all the competing food products on the market — if you buy 1, it may actually not be very pure at all and contain extra ingredients or be processed in a way that changes it’s original state. Those five ingredients are: refined table salt, refined sugar, “Franken-oils” (oils that have been modified), refined grains (yes, grains!), and chemicals. The chemicals used vary from recipe to recipe, but they are toxic, and get this: they cause a massive addiction to the foods they’re in.

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The message she explores is simple: you CAN drop your dress size in HALF (or cut 8-10 inches from your waistline if you are a man) without dieting or extreme exercise. I made both those mistakes, and I ended up hating food and dreading the gym! Now, I admit, I like to look like a woman—I’m very happy being a size 4-6, and I never wanted to look like a stick. The reason? I love food! I love to eat. And, you should embrace this approach too if you want to finally put an end to dieting and crazy workout plans once and for all.

This mini-cookbook will take you only a few hours to read cover-to-cover, and within less than an hour, you will be preparing your first of 7 Recipes For Life. In less than a week, you’ll begin to see your cravings decrease, your waistline shrink, and your energy return to normal. Also, your taste buds will return to their normal “non-poisoned” state…and you’ll CRAVE these wonderful, tasty, healthy foods naturally. No willpower, no “journaling”, no hassles.

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