This Plant Tastes Like Chicken!

Plants that taste like chicken and eggs? While this may sound like the stuff of science fiction or some half cocked science experiment, tech entrepreneurs like Ethan Brown are busy producing plants that taste like poultry and yes, even eggs.

Brown, a former clean-energy executive believes the meat industry is having a profoundly adverse effect on the environment. “Look at the impact of meat on the climate”, he says. “Look at its impact on human health, the vast resources meat production consumes and how factory farming affects animal welfare. It’s all pointing in the direction of a major change.”

Statistics back up Brown’s claims. According to the World Watch Institute, livestock production accounts for just under 20% of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions.  FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) records indicate that it uses one third of available land and one tenth of all water. In fact, it is leading source of both water pollution and deforestation.

While some may find the consumption of plant based “chicken” a bit strange, if not off-putting, scientists and tech entrepreneurs such as Ethan Brown are busy concocting socially responsible food that will benefit mankind for years to come.

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