What Kind of Vitamins Should You Take?

Most people know that taking supplements everyday is an important thing. However, do you know what kind of supplements you should take?







The Human body has the limitation to absorb vitamins. In this case, you have to find out how vitamins work. Otherwise, not only can your body cease to absorb the nutrition from vitamins, but you may also waste your money on expensive supplements that aren’t doing anything for you.





Find out which type of person you are, and take the right supplements!



If you are….

Smoking will consume a lot of Vitamin C. In this case, smokers should take Vitamin C more than usual.

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  • People who are working and exercising a lot. Take Vitamin B.

Those people need to supply Vitamin B more. Vitamin B is the key to transfer fat into energy.

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  • People who are all nighters. Take Vitamin C.

When you stay up all night, your adrenalin rises up more than usual. To synthesize adrenalin needs Vitamin CSo, if you have to stay up late, you need to take some Vitamin C.


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  • People who work in front of computers a lot. Take Vitamin A.

It takes a lot of energy of using your eyes and mental stress to stare at the monitor screen for a long time. Vitamin A will be your best friend.


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During the pregnancy, the tissues of mothers and babies need many nutrition to help them grow. The transformation of Folic Acid increase and lack of Vitamin B6. Pregnant mothers should take Vitamin B6 everyday. However, there is no need to increase the amount of Vitamin D. Because food can provide enough Vitamin D. Over taking Vitamin D will increase blood calcium for babies.


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Vegetarian need to take extra Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. Because they can’t assimilate  them from eating animal product.


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When people getting older, the absorbing ability of intestines is not as good as young generations. The maintenance of nutrition is not easy to keep. In this case, you need to take Multivitamin once a day.

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  • People who are children or teenagers. Take Vitamin D.

Vitamin D provides the bone structure to build properly.

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Vitamin E and Vitamin B are just like spinach in the cartoon “Popeye the sailor man”. They will help you to be more focus, adroit, explosive and powerful.


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  •  People who are in weight loss programs. Take Vitamin B2.

After 20 minutes form exercising, fat will be transferred to energy. It needs Vitamin B2 to metabolize the progress.


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