Woman Inspired by Adopted Dogs Kickstarts Her Own Business

Jennifer Blaese met her Border Collie mix Winston at a shelter in Chicago. Another woman was carrying him out after finding him on the streets. The shelter didn’t think he would be able to make it there without being euthanized, so they didn’t accept him. Coming from a long line of rescuers, Jennifer decided to adopt him. She adopted her other rescue Border Collie mix Mabel six months later.

Jennifer wanted to provide these dogs with “the same kind of cutting edge accessories she did.” When walking them in the city they left behind excrement and she ran out clean up material. That’s when she invented the Loop for Poop.

Jennifer went home and began to design a small dispenser that would loop around a dog’s leash — something that was esthetically pleasing and urban cool — that held tightly to the leash, so not to wave around in the wind or disturb the dog in any way.

Days before her wedding Jennifer lost her job, so she decided to dedicate her time to her new product. With a little help from other people and the HH Backer Christmas Show, she had 25 retailers wanting to carry Loop for Poop. From here she created Loop for Poop bags that are biodegradable.

“Life is too short to not do something you’re passionate about. People get caught up in the minutia of their lives and they stop thinking about what might make them happier. Winston passed away in December, but he and Mabel will always be a part of this company. They made me take time out every day and just be. Some people get that from yoga or exercise. But it was my dogs that helped me slow down and see the possibilities.”

Awesomely enough, her rescue adopting lifestyle gave Jennifer the push to start a whole new life for herself.

To read more about Jennifer’s story, check out Marlo Thomas’s column here.

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